two of my most watched videos in youtube...
simply amazed at the dancing...

eye candy...

* a collection of fave pix from this year taken from the net and my phone cam... =)

scrubbing in

surgery ongoing...
"in this theatre, there are no rehersals"

i am proud to announce that i am officially part of the surgical team..

circa august 2009

once a week, a boy stands outside our house, waiting.
it breaks my heart to see that kid looking through our garbage for plastic bottles and cans in order to earn money.
last night, i gave him the plastic bottles i saved for him and a big can.
i also gave him water, bread and cookies.
as he reached out for the goodies, i got to see his severed and deformed fingers.
i lowered my head so that he wouldn't think that i was gawking at his fingers.
instead, i found myself staring at his toes, also severed and deformed.

i get to see him about once a week.
sometimes he comes, sometimes he doesn't.
and although i really don't go out of the house much,
fate goes out of his way so that i could give him the plastic bottles and cans
that would make a difference in their lives.

every time we meet, i utter the same line:
"di-ara ang botelya ug lata. naa say tubig ug pagkaon"
(here are the bottles and cans. there's also water and food).
and he would always say "salamat te" (thank you), never losing respect,
always saying thank you even though i was just handing him trash.
and with this, i feel guilty.
here i am, 21 and unemployed,
whining about not having enough money for colored skinnies, strappy sandals, glossy bags and the occasional movie;
when the kid outside is just looking for scraps
so that their physiological needs be met.

every week, i am brought down to the ground by the mere prescence of this kid.

instead of asking, i thank.
because really,
i am blessed enough...

* another recycled post from old blog...
because i need something to remind me that i am blessed enough...

life's delimmas

"i'll call you" he said.
but that was three weeks ago.
now, she still sits and waits with unwavering hope
for a call she'll never get...

coffee gives her palpatations.
nevertheless, she drinks it to remind herself that her heart is still beating
even when he left her...

i love her
but i can't let her know.
not now.
not when she tells me how happy she is when she's with him.

* recycling old blog posts cause i'm boring that way...

the reason why i haven't been updating as much as i want to is because i forgot my account name and password...
how ditzy is that???
but fear not for i am back... =)
will try to blog more often...
pinky promise... =)


biggest splurge

this month's biggest splurge was wrapped in this paper bag:

coming from my favorite accessory store.
i wish i could just go inside the store and never leave.
mind you, this was my most impulsive buy this month.
(don't mind the fact that September just started)
are you excited to find out what it is?

the picture does not do justice to this bag. it's really pretty ok?
with soft gold tones and a slouchy style, this item would be overused in the days to come...

if you've got superb sight, you could see how much this baby cost.
without discount, it would amount to P2,300.
marked down, i spent P690 only.
sweet deal right?
i've always wanted to buy an original longchamp bag;
but with my unglamorous, low-paying job, 
i couldn't afford it without having to skip meals for about a month.
so, goodbye longchamp (for now). hehehe
this, i would say, is a much better and cheaper alternative.
i am such a lucky shopper.

aside from being lightweight, it's really roomy too.
it could fit the clutter i usually put in my bag.
prior to this, i was using this tiny (tiny from the usual bags i use) victoria's secret bag.
i had to sacrifice some things that couldn't fit in the bag.
i carry a lot of stuff with me, so it's important to find a bag that would carry the tons of stuff i put inside.

and just so you know, i do bring a lot of stuff with me:

*pencil case with pens and whatnot supplies
*different brands of coffee to suit my mood
* feeding utensils (yes, i'm that prepared)
* toothbrush + toothpaste
* bathroom toiletries
*wet wipes

that's not all.
i also have my "make up" bag with me:

*clinique lotion
* pond's and shisheido facial wash
* eyelash curler
*face powder
*lipbalm and lipgloss
*creme blush
*hair clay
*gel blush

and if you're wondering what those two packages with green and pink labels are,
they're IV cannula's.
just in case i do IV insertion and the patient couldn't buy one yet.

do i have to repeat? yes, i'm THAT prepared.


so, head on over to accessorize.
they're having a sale until god knows when.
items are marked down as low as 70% (that's a lot guys, believe me).

lemme know what you guys got.





did good in speaking tutorials today so i got myself a reward.

monster coke float.
mind you, i haven't had one in ages so this was a big deal for me.
rewards are important for lazy people like me because they serve as motivation for action.
work has been tedious lately, so i also felt the need to go on a splurge fest.
i had a pedi at fab feet. my nails are now a glam shade of red (just they way i like em).
then, retail therapy and accessory hoarding with my friends.

sometimes, you just have to give yourself a little incentive.
go on, you deserve it too..




it would be nice to get the same amount of effort you give out...



i am change resistant,
and that is why things were very hard for me this past week.
i was informed that i would be transferred to a new area.
that got me confused. 
and then i remembered that i passed a request for transfer to the OR (operating room) during the start of this year - on a whim.
on a freaking whim.
so really, it's all my fault.
i was supposed to start my OR duty today but the hospital had other plans.
census of admitted patients is really high, 
so they decided that they would open 9B and have a mismatched set of nurses run the area.
i start work in a new environment tomorrow.
oh what terror...

i wanted to cry during the last few hours of duty this morning because i wouldn't have my 5c family with me from now on.
i am change resistant,
and i know i shouldn't be.
i know this is an opportunity that a lot of people are willing to take on.
but for the moment, i refuse to belive in it.

to my 5c family,
i will miss you.
workdays will never be the same again...



recently added to my list of wants:

aren't they sweeeeeeeet???

and i want these too...

from schu...

it's heartbreaking to be broke...
don't ya think?

oh boy...

oh boy...
i'm in love again.
i've fallen victim to your charms...
i just have to have you...
just wait

a few more days till payday...
should i or shouldn't i?


nothing on you

"they might say hi, and i might say hey but you shouldn't worry about what they say. 
cause they got nothing on you baby..."



it feels so good to be back...

random thoughts on repeat...

my job can't sustain my vices
(shopping, eating out, and generally pampering myself).
lifestyle change or change of job?
 (good thing i don't have a credit card...
or else i'll end up like that becky chick in confessions of a shoppaholic)

12 months to pay pa diay to ang akong 5 thousand pesos loan sa co-op???
and it's still my 3rd month...ka dugay ma impass uy...

i will exercise. i will exercise. i will exercise.

i will take my IELTS review more seriously...
my friend asked my why i'm so worried about the exam since she knows 
i'm a writer and somewhat a good speaker with excellent command of the english language...
getting a band score below 7...am scared of that...
and i lack money...
the freaking exam costs about 9 thousand...
that's a whole lot of clothes, shoes, bags and earrings i could buy ya know...
and an endless supply of coffee, m&ms and banana slush...

speaking of coffee...
i should make myself a cup just about now...


just because...

why do i love this pic?
lemme count the ways:
my skin looks blemish and pimple free...
i look fair skinned here...
the smile is genuine and not that "caught in the moment ka plastican" smile...
i love this outfit...
i am with people that i love....
to sum it up,
this is the most flattering picture i have of myself to date...
i know, loser mode on...

photo credit to rica dorola...your cam rocks off socks
whatever that means...


just nothing...

di nato ma deny na insecure ko,
pero di sad nato ma deny na flirt ka...

boxed out

contrary to "thinking out of the box",
my dad always tells us that "there is no box".
i so beg to differ.
in my world, there is a box.
and the box's 4 sided walls is made up of our policies (country, work, house),
my parents and other authority figures 
and mother nature (sometimes, you just can't defy gravity).
dad, there is a box.
the trick is not to think outside the box but to think of ways to destroy/demolish it.

*pessimistic post. please forgive me.

for S...

written on: 05.26.10 3:16am

your song on replay
strummed strings granting ties that bind
a melody that conveys longing
a harmony of love
and as you look at me while you sing,
rendering each lyric true,
slowly, i understand...

* oh yes, my inner genius unveils during the wee hours of the morning

hot and cold

i am not a kitchen wizard.
but this afternoon, due to sheer boredom,
my mom and i decided to bake a recipe i've been itching to try.
result was amazing. 
i prefer mine to be topped with strawberry ice cream...

1 cup all purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
7 tbsps. cocoa powder, divide to 3tbsps and 4 tbsps
1 1/4 cup white sugar, divided into 3/4 and 1/2 cups
1/2 cup milk
1/3 cup melted butter
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1 1/2 cup hot water

preheat oven to 350 degrees
in a dry bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, salt, 3 tbsps. cocoa and 3/4 cup white sugar.
stir in milk, melted butter and vanilla to flour mixture
mix until smooth
pour in an ungreased baking dish
in a separate bowl, mix together 1/2 cup white sugar, brown sugar and 4 tbsps. cocoa
sprinkle this mixture evenly over the batter
pour hot water over this mixture
resist temptation and DO NOT STIR. this is the crucial and magical point.
bake for about 40 minutes.
after baking, cool for a few minutes and serve to fabulous guests and family.

*best with ice cream on top but optional.
* cake may seem under baked but that's the best part. 
slicing it and seeing the chocolate ooze from underneath would make you want to devour it whole right then and there.

credits to
for the recipe and photos...


world's worst bakasyonista...

i have nothing to boast about.
my 4 day vacation was spent:

1. honing my domestic skills 
(cleaning, washing dishes, cooking chicken, acting as referee to two brats that cannot get along),

2. inventing excuses to get out of the house
(day 1: i'm gonna go to the mall to buy shorts
day 2: i'm gonna go to the mall and return the shorts i bought yesterday...
yes, i am really imaginative)

3. spending 2 thousand pesos on worthless junk

i am the world's worst "bakasyonista"...
can anyone shout LOSER louder cause i just can't hear you...

thank god for previously planned meet ups with college friends.
despite unexpected deaths (loise's uncle...may he rest in peace) 
and resort reservation problems, 
we managed to get together for some clean fun
(unbelievable, nang laag mi nga walay muni!!!).
instead of going to bantayan (my sole purpose for requesting my vacation leave),
we saw a movie and had dinner instead.
yeah, major downgrade, i know. 
but we still had fun.

my duty shoes are now sparkly clean 
(i can be the new model for surf's ad...la la la la la la...),
my room now dust minimized (but still not dust free),
my wallet and bank account thousands of pesos lighter.
 i am still not re-energized.
i blame the major cleaning for that.

to prepare myself for duty, i refilled my trodat with ink, 
had my nails clipped short and filed
and as  a treat, i bought myself the glazed choco donuts i've been craving for from starbucks
welcome back work slave...
i am so not excited...
well, except for payday, which happens to be today...
i love earning back the moolah i lost over my days of depression...

vacation leave ends now... =(

*off topic: i love my slutty nails.... =)

* my pictures are totally unrelated to my frustrated ramblings...


love cebu

show your love for cebu.
get your personalized "love cebu"
shirts at your nearest island souvenirs cebu outlets.
229 pesos for female sized shirts
299 pesos for male sized shirts.
free printing up to 6 letters
additional 10 pesos for every letter thereafter.



i was an obedient kid.

i don't remember getting called to the principal's office for some ruckus i caused.

so, it's a wonder to some people that i managed to have myself suspended for a day.
but hey, you only get to live once, so throw caution to the wind.

crime: vandalism
don't even ask...

* gossip girl marathon
*watched dear john in dvd
*went to sm with sed
*claimed our personalized i love cebu shirts
* tried on geeky glasses...
which one looks geekier on me?

* bought thirsty juices (yes, my stickers are almost complete)
* making googly eyes at gelatissimo, hoping the guy behind the counter would give us a free spoonful of their ice cream.
no such luck. bought 1 scoop of chocolate truffle instead.
*taxi cab ride
* dinner
* saw "the bounty hunter" in dvd

twas great.
maybe i should get suspended more often hmmmmmm?


sun, sand, sea and hearts

had my dose of sun, sand and sea yeasterday
coupled with good friends, good talk, a little booze and exercise...
found a sport i'd like to get into (seriously): frisbee!!! =)
and...do you like my nails?
i painted the hearts on the toes myself...
*uber proud moment*
more pix to come...
can't wait to show you my frisbee moment caught on camera...
have an amazing summer y'all!!! =)


half year... =)

happy half year S... =)



i wish my feet would take me somewhere magical...


another friday night

3 of my cousins graduating...

candle lit celebratory dinner at casino espanol...

snacking on yellowcab pizza...
this outfit is luuurrrrrrvvvvvvve, don't you agree? =)


joy ride

last sunday, my dad decided that we should get out of the house to enjoy nature.
he was taking us on a joy ride to some park in the mountains.
after rounding the troops, 
getting supplies (i'm talking about pizza, chips and drinks here)
and filling the car with gas,
we set out with high spirits for an afternoon of family bonding...
unfortunately, the park we intended to visit was closed for the day...
we just ate our pizza at the back of our car...

i love spontaneous trips, don't you?