did good in speaking tutorials today so i got myself a reward.

monster coke float.
mind you, i haven't had one in ages so this was a big deal for me.
rewards are important for lazy people like me because they serve as motivation for action.
work has been tedious lately, so i also felt the need to go on a splurge fest.
i had a pedi at fab feet. my nails are now a glam shade of red (just they way i like em).
then, retail therapy and accessory hoarding with my friends.

sometimes, you just have to give yourself a little incentive.
go on, you deserve it too..




it would be nice to get the same amount of effort you give out...



i am change resistant,
and that is why things were very hard for me this past week.
i was informed that i would be transferred to a new area.
that got me confused. 
and then i remembered that i passed a request for transfer to the OR (operating room) during the start of this year - on a whim.
on a freaking whim.
so really, it's all my fault.
i was supposed to start my OR duty today but the hospital had other plans.
census of admitted patients is really high, 
so they decided that they would open 9B and have a mismatched set of nurses run the area.
i start work in a new environment tomorrow.
oh what terror...

i wanted to cry during the last few hours of duty this morning because i wouldn't have my 5c family with me from now on.
i am change resistant,
and i know i shouldn't be.
i know this is an opportunity that a lot of people are willing to take on.
but for the moment, i refuse to belive in it.

to my 5c family,
i will miss you.
workdays will never be the same again...