biggest splurge

this month's biggest splurge was wrapped in this paper bag:

coming from my favorite accessory store.
i wish i could just go inside the store and never leave.
mind you, this was my most impulsive buy this month.
(don't mind the fact that September just started)
are you excited to find out what it is?

the picture does not do justice to this bag. it's really pretty ok?
with soft gold tones and a slouchy style, this item would be overused in the days to come...

if you've got superb sight, you could see how much this baby cost.
without discount, it would amount to P2,300.
marked down, i spent P690 only.
sweet deal right?
i've always wanted to buy an original longchamp bag;
but with my unglamorous, low-paying job, 
i couldn't afford it without having to skip meals for about a month.
so, goodbye longchamp (for now). hehehe
this, i would say, is a much better and cheaper alternative.
i am such a lucky shopper.

aside from being lightweight, it's really roomy too.
it could fit the clutter i usually put in my bag.
prior to this, i was using this tiny (tiny from the usual bags i use) victoria's secret bag.
i had to sacrifice some things that couldn't fit in the bag.
i carry a lot of stuff with me, so it's important to find a bag that would carry the tons of stuff i put inside.

and just so you know, i do bring a lot of stuff with me:

*pencil case with pens and whatnot supplies
*different brands of coffee to suit my mood
* feeding utensils (yes, i'm that prepared)
* toothbrush + toothpaste
* bathroom toiletries
*wet wipes

that's not all.
i also have my "make up" bag with me:

*clinique lotion
* pond's and shisheido facial wash
* eyelash curler
*face powder
*lipbalm and lipgloss
*creme blush
*hair clay
*gel blush

and if you're wondering what those two packages with green and pink labels are,
they're IV cannula's.
just in case i do IV insertion and the patient couldn't buy one yet.

do i have to repeat? yes, i'm THAT prepared.


so, head on over to accessorize.
they're having a sale until god knows when.
items are marked down as low as 70% (that's a lot guys, believe me).

lemme know what you guys got.