half year... =)

happy half year S... =)



i wish my feet would take me somewhere magical...


another friday night

3 of my cousins graduating...

candle lit celebratory dinner at casino espanol...

snacking on yellowcab pizza...
this outfit is luuurrrrrrvvvvvvve, don't you agree? =)


joy ride

last sunday, my dad decided that we should get out of the house to enjoy nature.
he was taking us on a joy ride to some park in the mountains.
after rounding the troops, 
getting supplies (i'm talking about pizza, chips and drinks here)
and filling the car with gas,
we set out with high spirits for an afternoon of family bonding...
unfortunately, the park we intended to visit was closed for the day...
we just ate our pizza at the back of our car...

i love spontaneous trips, don't you?

friday, i'm inlove...

after much debate as to when and where we'll get to see eachother again...

friends are definitely worth the time and effort...

bestest people in the world...

the best friends that i could ever hope for...
someone to share my hopes and dreams with,
someone to exchange gossip with,
someone who gives great advice,
someone who makes me laugh,
someone whose intellect challenges mine...

looking forward to another dinner date with you guys... =)


top five

top five things-that-make-me-happy list:

1. the boy
2. no work + dark clouds, cold wind and "about to rain" atmosphere + really good book + fluffy pillow
3. chilling with friends
4. coffee. lots and lots of coffee
5. pay day

top five things that piss me off:

1. doctors and their laziness (it's only here in the philippines that doctors are being treated like demi-gods. nurses and doctors overseas call each other by first name basis and are treated equally)
2. nursing service office (my schedule is already hectic without you giving me these crazy overtime work, how much more if you do. please, hire more nurses. we beg you!)
3. the thief in our station...please please please...go away forever...our job is already underpaid, don't get us in even more trouble by letting us pay all these expensive medications that you stole from the patients...
4. networking
5. being broke

top five joy inducing food:

1. chocolates!!!! (kit kat is on top of my list)
2. pizza
3. ice cream
4. fruit shakes
5. donuts

top five food that i stay away from:

1. pork and beans (1 tiny piece of pork, all beans)
2. canned sausage...eeeewwwwww...
3. carrots
4. most veggies
5. durian (can't stand the smell)