two of my most watched videos in youtube...
simply amazed at the dancing...

eye candy...

* a collection of fave pix from this year taken from the net and my phone cam... =)

scrubbing in

surgery ongoing...
"in this theatre, there are no rehersals"

i am proud to announce that i am officially part of the surgical team..

circa august 2009

once a week, a boy stands outside our house, waiting.
it breaks my heart to see that kid looking through our garbage for plastic bottles and cans in order to earn money.
last night, i gave him the plastic bottles i saved for him and a big can.
i also gave him water, bread and cookies.
as he reached out for the goodies, i got to see his severed and deformed fingers.
i lowered my head so that he wouldn't think that i was gawking at his fingers.
instead, i found myself staring at his toes, also severed and deformed.

i get to see him about once a week.
sometimes he comes, sometimes he doesn't.
and although i really don't go out of the house much,
fate goes out of his way so that i could give him the plastic bottles and cans
that would make a difference in their lives.

every time we meet, i utter the same line:
"di-ara ang botelya ug lata. naa say tubig ug pagkaon"
(here are the bottles and cans. there's also water and food).
and he would always say "salamat te" (thank you), never losing respect,
always saying thank you even though i was just handing him trash.
and with this, i feel guilty.
here i am, 21 and unemployed,
whining about not having enough money for colored skinnies, strappy sandals, glossy bags and the occasional movie;
when the kid outside is just looking for scraps
so that their physiological needs be met.

every week, i am brought down to the ground by the mere prescence of this kid.

instead of asking, i thank.
because really,
i am blessed enough...

* another recycled post from old blog...
because i need something to remind me that i am blessed enough...

life's delimmas

"i'll call you" he said.
but that was three weeks ago.
now, she still sits and waits with unwavering hope
for a call she'll never get...

coffee gives her palpatations.
nevertheless, she drinks it to remind herself that her heart is still beating
even when he left her...

i love her
but i can't let her know.
not now.
not when she tells me how happy she is when she's with him.

* recycling old blog posts cause i'm boring that way...

the reason why i haven't been updating as much as i want to is because i forgot my account name and password...
how ditzy is that???
but fear not for i am back... =)
will try to blog more often...
pinky promise... =)