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i was an obedient kid.

i don't remember getting called to the principal's office for some ruckus i caused.

so, it's a wonder to some people that i managed to have myself suspended for a day.
but hey, you only get to live once, so throw caution to the wind.

crime: vandalism
don't even ask...

* gossip girl marathon
*watched dear john in dvd
*went to sm with sed
*claimed our personalized i love cebu shirts
* tried on geeky glasses...
which one looks geekier on me?

* bought thirsty juices (yes, my stickers are almost complete)
* making googly eyes at gelatissimo, hoping the guy behind the counter would give us a free spoonful of their ice cream.
no such luck. bought 1 scoop of chocolate truffle instead.
*taxi cab ride
* dinner
* saw "the bounty hunter" in dvd

twas great.
maybe i should get suspended more often hmmmmmm?


sun, sand, sea and hearts

had my dose of sun, sand and sea yeasterday
coupled with good friends, good talk, a little booze and exercise...
found a sport i'd like to get into (seriously): frisbee!!! =)
and...do you like my nails?
i painted the hearts on the toes myself...
*uber proud moment*
more pix to come...
can't wait to show you my frisbee moment caught on camera...
have an amazing summer y'all!!! =)